Cheating By Men And Women 


Men and women who are already married are equally involved in cheating on their spouses or partners. The answer for both the genders is completely different. Both the genders cheat their partners for different reasons. Studies have revealed that men and women gave different reasons to rationalize their extra-marital relations.

For most men, sex is the main factor for cheating in on their partners. Sexual variety is also the other factor where men tend to try out different types of sex or a particular sex act. They are ready to have sex when they have an opportunity where they are not feared of getting caught. Last but not the least men are sex addictive.

Many women cheat on their partners to find their emotional bonding. They find the attachment outside when they have a very poor relation with their partners. When they are dissatisfied with their partners, relationship unhappiness, a desire for a male attention, loneliness, boredom and sexual excitement are the main reasons as to why women cheat.

Both men and women cheat on their partners or spouses. Men largely cheat for sexual desires whereas women cheat for emotional bonding. On a survey conducted, the results stated that 80% of men accepted the reason as sex while 20% of women accepted the reason for sexual desires. There are many reasons why couples cheat on each other. But these were the main reasons given by everyone why they tend to cheat on their spouses or partners.

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